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LabImage 1D won’t start – no license available

When you install or update LabImage sometimes a message appears that LabImage is not able to load the license from the license media.

To check follow those simple steps:

Check for license management software and correct license:

LabImage uses a third party license system for the company WIBU Systems. The tool called codemeter controll center can be loaded from

It looks like this.

On the left side there is a list of available license media. Numbers like xxx-xxxxxx indicate a soft-lock – numbers like x-xxxxxx indicate hard lock (usb dongle).

To get more information on the licenses available click on webadmin. This will open up a website indicating the content.Click on all container so you get a list of available licenses. Each product code on the first column stands for an app. The codes have to fit the version of the LabImage app installed. For the latest version the right code for a LabImage 1D would be 340.         

This hint applies for any LabImage version as follows:

  • any LabImage app
  • any Windows system